(Case Study) Sustainable Investing Research and Analysis

Since its founding in 2017, NYC-based Sustainable Invest has provided independent and actionable research to individuals who wish to add sustainable investments to their portfolios. The company also provides analysis opinions and sustainable fund disclosure assessments.

Sustainable Invest’s research activities rely on a clearly defined classification framework that encompasses mutual funds, ETFs, other investment vehicles, and securities.

The company’s research and analysis empowers retail inv

(Case Study) Using No-Code Platform Dittofi for Customized CRM and LMS Software Development

We’ve used Dittofi—a visual app builder that lets users create enterprise-grade apps—to create dynamic, fully-functional learning and customer relationship management systems for various businesses and organizations.

343 LABS, a New York City-based music production school, approached Think Design to spearhead its Learning Management System (LMS) development and deployment.

The school offers both remote and in-person classes and needed an LMS where they could aggregate all of their online cours