Malware Was Found Pre-installed in Mini PCs: Is Your Business at Risk?

Are you purchasing new computer software and hardware for your business? Procuring software and hardware from disreputable vendors could expose your business to all types of risk – including malicious spyware and phishing attacks.

Case in point is the recent line of mini PCs from AceMagic. Jon from the popular YouTube channel The Net Guy Reviews claims to have found spyware inside the AceMagic AD08 mini-PC during one of his product reviews. Other models by AceMagic – namely the AD15, AK1, and t

LockBit Ransomware’s Take Down Might Be Temporary - Your Cybersecurity Shouldn’t Be

In February 2024, the US Department of Justice (DOJ), together with the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and other international law enforcement partners, announced that they had disrupted the notorious LockBit ransomware group.

LockBit is a cybercriminal group that provides ransomware as a service (RaaS). The group has targeted over 2,000 victims worldwide and has received more than US$120 million in ransom payments.

The international joint operation was able to seize numerous public-facing w

Prioritise Microsoft 365 & Cloud Transition Over Shiny New AI Toys

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a major tech disruptor in 2023—upending entire industries and businesses. Major milestones include the introduction of ChatGPT-4 and Google Gemini, with the latter positioned as a major contender to OpenAI’s GPT-4.

While AI’s ability to innovate traditional business models cannot be overstated, it’s important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to focus on adopting modern workplace principles without getting distracted by “shiny new toys”, says David A

SMEs are Currently Excluded from Microsoft 365 Copilot—But Not for Long

Launched in February 2023, Microsoft 365 copilot impressed industry experts and everyday techies with its many useful features. However, many of us supporting SMEs were forced to watch from the sidelines.

David Armitage, Velocity’s CEO, said SME businesses shouldn’t ignore Microsoft’s new AI productivity tool, but there is no need to get distracted or rush in.

“Granted at the moment Copilot is only available to enterprises with 300 or more employees. This excludes many of our clients here at V

Stop Hackers from Accessing Your Devices Due to Bluetooth Security Flaws

Two recently discovered Bluetooth security flaws allow hackers to infiltrate the connections of devices using Bluetooth 4.2 to 5.4. These security flaws place millions of devices introduced since December 2014 at risk—including the latest iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Businesses that don’t have centralised device monitoring as a part of their IT infrastructure are most at risk, according to Leo Tong, Velocity’s Sales Director. “When we picked up on news of this risk, we immediately thought of our c

Want to Send an AI Bot to Cover Your Next Zoom Meeting? Think Twice

When it comes to the trending tech topics of 2023, everything and anything artificial intelligence (AI) was high on the list of major headlines. Different companies released new AI tools that promised to revolutionise entire industries and make us all more productive and efficient.

But just in case you were planning to replace yourself or your team with AI bots in 2024, check out this cautionary tale that was recently highlighted in Fortune magazine. Apparently, many forward-thinking business l

NutroCore Announces Launch of Delicious and Nutritious Cinnamon Turmeric Organic Coffee

NutroCore—a supplier of premium USDA Organic and non-GMO certified organically-grown coffee, tea, and other health food products—has recently launched its latest product: Cinnamon Turmeric Organic Coffee.

Aside from being delicious (it tastes like full-flavored coffee, not like turmeric water), this coffee is also infused with premium-grade cinnamon and turmeric powder. These natural foods are well-known for their ability to boost cognitive functions and strengthen the immune system.

What Are

Dilapidated home in inner Sydney fetches $1.1m at auction

Exorbitant prices paid for rundown properties highlight everything that’s wrong with the city’s housing market

A dilapidated home in inner Sydney sold at auction for $1.1m this month, illustrating why aspiring homebuyers and young people feel increasingly locked out of the city’s housing market.

The steep price paid for the crumbling period property, which requires a full renovation, in the suburb of Stanmore, is part of a long-term trend of skyrocketing house prices in Australia’s largest and

Sydney’s luxury downsizers are snapping up homes in prime suburbs

They prefer low-maintenance properties that have lifts and no stairs

Due to the strong value growth in Sydney’s hot property market, many cashed-up downsizers are setting their sights on low-maintenance properties in prime locations in the city.

According to Peter Kelaher, buyer’s agent from PK Property, many luxury downsizers are looking for single-level homes and properties that have lifts and no stairs.

“All of these prospective buyers either think they are going to get a [mobility] proble

Home prices have dropped in the five mainland state capitals

In average weighted terms, home prices in the five mainland state capitals are now lower than they were a year ago. According to CoreLogic, the drop is largely a result of recent price declines in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest residential property markets.

In the Harbour City, the median dwelling price has fallen by 3% over the year. Along with a 2.5% decline in Perth over the same period, these drops managed to offset the modest price gains in each of the other mainland state c

Royal Commission uncovers misdemeanours at AMP

An AMP planner ran a clandestine property advocacy business while advising clients to source their investment properties from his firm, the Royal Commission has heard.

Adam Palmer advised several of his clients to set up self-managed super funds to buy investment properties using Property Saint without telling the wealth manager or his clients that he owned 60% of the company.

AMP hired Palmer in May 2013 despite knowing that his previous employer, Australian Financial Services, had been sanct

Repayments will rise for borrowers transitioning from interest-only to principal-and-interest

Repayments for a typical borrower facing a reset of their interest-only loan to principal-and-interest will jump by around $7,000 annually—a “non-trivial” increase that should be managed by most households, according to Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor of Financial Markets for the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Presenting analysis of the nearly $500bn in loans that are due to reset from interest-only over the next five years, Kent said the impact on household consumption is likely to be signifi

More than a quarter of aspiring homebuyers see a mortgage broker first

While more people still go to their current financial institution, this may not be the norm for long

Three in 10 aspiring homebuyers go to a mortgage broker first for help in securing a loan, according to a new survey from Mortgage Choice and CoreData Research Australia.

The results indicate that 28% of homebuyers saw a mortgage broker first when looking to purchase a home or investment property, up from 16% last year. In contrast, the proportion of consumers who saw their current financial in

Reserve Bank’s cash rate may not budge until 2020

Any increase in rates need to take into account the high level of debt in Australian households

There are growing predictions that the Reserve Bank will keep the cash rate on hold until 2020—which spells good news for aspiring homebuyers trying to break into the housing market.

The Reserve Bank has signalled its concern about driving up interest rates too fast, adding that the high level of household debt in Australia poses risks for the entire economy.

The central bank left the cash rate on

Advantedge’s NSW borrowers will need to sign mortgage documents on paper

The change will take effect on May 7

Advantedge, the wholesale funder and distributor of white-label home loans, has announced that as of Monday, it will require borrowers in New South Wales to sign mortgage documents on paper.

The NAB-owned company said it is updating its digital mortgage process for NSW customers, and is now requiring that mortgage documents be wet-signed by customers and witnesses.

Previously, Advantedge could accept electronically submitted mortgage documents without pape

How severe will Sydney and Melbourne’s house price correction be?

The softening demand for residential property could cause prices to unwind further

Sydney and Melbourne’s house price correction is forecasted to continue this year, according to SQM Research.

The property research group has revised its prediction that Sydney house prices will fall by as much as 4% this year, adding that the Harbour City is more likely to experience flat growth.

SQM Research’s previous prediction for Sydney, made last October, was a 4-8% rise in prices for the full year.


Federal government revamps its pension loan scheme

The plan will help asset-rich but cash-poor retirees harness the equity in their homes

Aussie pensioners will soon be able to use the value of their homes to get extra income under a revamped plan that will see the federal government step into the space traditionally dominated by banks.

The plan, dubbed the “pension loan scheme,” has actually existed since the 1980s, but has been virtually dormant due to its highly restrictive nature and lack of inclusivity.

Under the terms laid out in this y

Lending to property investors dropped by over a billion dollars in March

Over the year, investor lending slumped by more than 16%, the largest decline since May 2016

Lending to Australian residential property investors dropped by over a billion dollars in March, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

This drop could see further declines in property prices over the coming months, analysts warn.

The value of investor housing finance dropped by 9% in seasonally adjusted terms to $10.88bn, the smallest monthly total since January

Sydneysiders are turning their backyard sheds into granny flats

With so many unable to enter the housing market, homeowners are hoping to derive rental income from their granny flats

The traditional Aussie backyard shed is fast disappearing from Sydney homes, as they’re being increasingly converted into designer granny flats for visitors or renters, according to the Domain Group.

Due to high house prices, many Sydneysiders are keener than ever to utilise all their property assets. Hence, sheds are being converted into additional rooms, as are the rooftops

"How to buy a home if you're single"

Affording a home is hard enough when you're a well-earning couple. It’s even more difficult when you’re single. YourMortgage has some useful tips for helping singles reach their homeownership goal

by Michael Mata (expanded and updated by Edward Cranswick)

As if couples didn’t already get enough perks! According to recent data it’s pretty clear that choosing to fly solo effectively locks you out of the property market in many of Australia’s capital cities.

According to new data from RateCi
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