The Anti-Acne Care Set

Acne has always been a struggle for me that's why I'm always extra careful when trying out new products. At first, I only intended to try the Wildleaf Super Spot Treatment but my friends also recommended Wildleaf Vitamin C Serum serum, saying it works for them. I was also encouraged by the positive reviews I read online plus it is cruelty-free. :) Started using the kit in November 2020. Based on the instructions, I already expected to experience skin purging but I was still willing to give it a

Infinity Eye Oil 10ml

One small bottle really goes a long way. No matter how puyat or stressed, I still look fresh because of this little one. It doesn't show that I only have 4-5hrs of sleep. Thank you Wildleaf!

This oil is helpful in making my eyes look healthy as it somehow lessened the discoloration under my eyes. But, whenever I use it, it stings my eyes a bit so I use it at night only right before I sleep. And applying only a little as the product goes a long way

I have used the oil immediately upon receipt a

Natural Clay Mask 100g

If you are using this product for the first time, I suggest that you don’t let it sit for 20-30mins, try it like 15mins on your first use. You can really feel your face pulsating and might experience redness in some parts of your face but it will gradually fade. After rinsing it made my skin soft and smooth!

This made me break out in hives. I was so sad and frustrated because whatever progress my face made by using the Hydration Duo was all lost when I used this in the hopes of getting rid of m

The Brightening Care Set

I’ve been using these products for 3 months now because I got breakouts from wearing a face mask all the time, dry skin on the face that causes to peel and or itchy. I got worried because I don’t have any skin care product to avoid the breakouts, never try any products again because the last time I tried I had skin purging and got acne, the reason why I only use wipes to clean my face all the time after a long day. I’ve been eyeing these products for a long time but was afraid to try because I h

Herbal Facial Oil 30ml

I'm not really into giving reviews for beauty products 'cause it's like my hundreds and what products that I already tried. At first, I'm really hesitant to try but after a few days of continuous usage I see a different change and glow on my face which is a good thing. Now, I'm not bothered anymore everytime I see my face on the mirror. Kudos Wildleaf. I'm planning to add your serum on my next purchase.

I use this oil during the day and at night, and after almost 10 days of daily use, I can alr

Hibiscus Face Cream 30ml

They say that as you age, skin loses its elasticity & becomes dull. But why would you settle for that when you can do something about it ? I have been using Vit C serum of different brands for years now, hoping to stick with one that really works. And believe me when i say i have tried soooo many ... even the most popular (and pricier) ones. But i never found one that really works , at least, one that works not only for a few weeks of use but one that STAYS effective. Coming across Wildleaf Vit

(Bestseller) Vitamin C Serum 30ml

Hi Wildleaf, All throughout this pandemic, I've been suffering for acne and I admit that I have used a lot of stuff on my face and nothing has ever worked out with me. Until I've seen Wildleaf online, I became hesitant at first because of my past experience with the other products and now I can't thank you enough that finally, I found a product that really soothes and compatible with my skin. It really makes my skin soft and less oily. It really did a miracle to me! I am so happy to include this

Online Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing Strategy

You have a website and offer a great product or service—but how do you take your online presence to the next level?

Think Design is an NYC-based internet marketing agency. We have a team of experienced online marketing consultants ready to take your company to new heights by utilizing contemporary strategic marketing techniques.

What Do We Do?

We help you generate leads, nurture relationships, and improve opportunity creation in a number of ways, including organic and performance marketing:

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An online presence is mandatory for today’s for-profit and nonprofit organizations. With a good website, it becomes a lot easier to gain credibility, penetrate a new market, and grow your clientele. For more than 25 years, Think Design has been ranked among the premium web design firms in NYC. We’ve built bespoke websites and provided sector-specific web design services to a myriad of businesses and organizations in the area.

While the internet is full of cookie-cutter websites, good web design

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Keep sales going and business open during the coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 has changed everything. As well as posing a mortal threat to millions, the crisis has disrupted the global economy. Physical distancing measures imposed all over the world are directly impacting business. As we re-open, e-commerce offers a proven solution to protect store staff and customers while getting the economy moving again.
• This antiques store in England has an extensive collection of furnishings. Stock was sho

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A website’s UX (user experience) is a key element toward defining its success. Will your site visitors come back not just because they have to, but because they enjoyed browsing your site?

Think Design is an NY-based UX design agency. We have years of experience in creating customer experience design websites and are adept at analyzing your online presence and refining your site based on your customers’ needs. This leads to deeper user engagement and greater conversions.

The look and feel of y

Web Development Agency in NYC

For over 20 years, Think Design has been delivering top-quality websites that showcase our clients’ expertise. The knowledge we have gathered from building sites for diverse sectors and fulfilling their marketing needs benefits our new and existing clients. Our experience and expertise sets us apart from other web development firms, giving you the peace of mind you need to further build your business.

We perform extensive research to determine the best path to realize your goals. From a positio
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